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Big East Tournament: Jay Wright Reacts To Villanova's Early Exit

Villanova was bounced out of the Big East Tournament by USF last night, a team that had previously never beaten the Wildcats. Villanova led the game by 16 at the half, which makes this the biggest second half collapse in Big East history. It was the Main Line school’s fifth straight loss and after the game head coach Jay Wright tried to make sense of what had happened.

Well, a great performance in the second half by South Florida and a very poor performance on our part. They pounded us inside. They pounded us on the glass and they made all the plays down the stretch. We couldn’t get a stop, just couldn’t get a stop down the stretch and, you know, that’s it’s one of those things, when things go bad when it rains it powers, that’s what happened, we just got to fight through it and keep tryin’ to battle, keep tryin’ to get mentally tougher. It’s tough when you got young guys going through games like this, but that’s life, life is tough, we’ve got to keep our heads up and take what comes next.

Wright was asked what his biggest concern is now with the NCAA Tournament looming?

I got a lot right now, but the biggest is to get everybody healthy, get Mouph healthy, Stokes healthy. It’s their psyche. I don’t think any of us have finished a season this way so we’ve got to get their heads right, their heads were great coming into this and we got to make sure we get over this and get back to work and keep gettin’ better.