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Jay Wright Reportedly Not A Candidate For University Of Maryland Job

Just a day after a Washington Post reporter cited a source saying that Villanova coach Jay Wright would be high on the on the list of candidates to replace Maryland's retiring head coach Gary Williams, another source has denied it.

CSNPhilly reports that Wright will not be leaving the Main Line.

According to a source, the Wildcats' head coach is not a candidate to fill the recently vacated position at Maryland.

Wright, who has a .670 winning percentage and has led the Wildcats to seven NCAA tournament appearances including one final four, is often mentioned as a candidate when a job opens up at a big school.

The general feeling in Maryland however, is that Arizona coach Sean Miller is the school's top target and could in fact reach an agreement very soon. Of course, if that means the Arizona job opens up, it's almost inevitable that someone will speculate how Jay Wright is a candidate there as well...