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St. Joes vs Villanova: Hawks' Halil Kanacevic flips Nova students the bird

The "Holy War" got a little ugly when St. Joes' Halil Kanasevic flipped off the Villanova student section late in Tuesday's contest.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

In a game known for its intensity both between the players and fan bases, things got a touch out of hand Tuesday night between the St. Joe's Hawks and Villanova Wildcats.

Midway through the second half with the game tied at 47, Halil Kanacevic knocked down a 3-pointer to put the Hawks ahead before Jay Wright called a timeout. On the way to the bench, Kanasevic gave the ol' double-bird to the Villanova student section, prompting an immediate and continued response of loud booing, per

Coincidence or not, Villanova came out from that point and went on a 6-0 run, eventually winning the game 65-61 to top their inter-city rivals.

The incident was unfortunate, especially because it upstaged such a compelling game otherwise.

Villanova got a James Bell 3-pointer with just under 30 seconds to go that proved to be the difference, making for one of the more memorable clashes between these two foes in some time.