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Villanova vs. Penn final score: Wildcats win Big 5 battle, 68-55

Villanova won an ugly game against Penn, 68-55.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't pretty, but Villanova picked up a 68-55 win over Penn on Saturday night. The Wildcats won their fifth game of the season in a contest that was marred by 52 fouls.

The fouls resulted in 71 combined free-throw attempts in the game. Both teams made more shots from the free-throw line than they did the field.

Villanova sophomore Achraf Yacoubou led all players with four made field goals. He also led Villanova with 13 points.

The win was a vital one for a Wildcats team that needed a step in the right direction. Villanova had lost four of its last five games before defeating Penn. One of those losses was to Penn's Ivy League rival Columbia.

The Wildcats will continue their tour around the Big 5 on Dec. 11 at home against St. Joseph's. Meanwhile, the Quakers, who have won just twice this season, travel to Delaware on Dec. 21.